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Letter from Svetlana 

I learned to knit when I was five years old. My grandmother taught me my first stitches. I learned to crochet on my own and then, I taught my grandmother to crochet. It did not take me long to start designing and making my own sweaters and dresses. I realized that knitting (or crochet) is a very creative and rewarding craft.

Knitting is my therapy. So if you want therapy with results, grab your knitting needles or a crochet hook and let’s get “hooked”. You will discover pretty soon that knitting is better than therapy: because after one hour session you will actually see tangible results, you will see "fabric" made by you!

It is well-known quality of knitting – relaxation. Today we all have busy schedules and a lot of stress. Hobbies, like knitting, help us to cope with it. More and more women, and men for that matter, are finding creative hobbies that help them to relax and  at the same time they do something productive. I do believe, that knitting or crochet is most portable among those crafts. You can do it almost anywhere!

You have no idea how many stories I‘ve heard during my “get together” evenings with my knitting friends. We talk about family, work, next door neighbors, pollution, gas prices, husbands and boyfriends, teenage kids, plans for vacations (that never happen!), plans for business we are going to open when we retire, and list goes on and on. We hardly ever talk about knitting… But when everybody leaves home, we feel much better after sharing problems (because somebody else always has it worse than you) and we carry a tangible proof of our therapy session: a mitten or a sock, half of a scarf or almost finished square for a big afghan.

Knitting is a very social craft. You can spend endless hours with your friends and have a scarf after that “party.”  You can talk about anything at the same time.
I believe, there will be less divorces, if people would learn to knit!

Knitting helps me to loose weight: because my hands are busy, so I do not snack when I watch TV (or should I say, listen TV).

I can talk about benefits of knitting for hours! But rather let’s knit…

Because I have been doing it since I was a little girl, my knitting style changed with time, but one thing has not – this is my way of expressing my creativity and originality. Even if I knitted something very traditional, it is still original work because it is one of a kind, nobody else has it. That is the second most important part of my reason to knit.

Knitting is not the only craft which can help you to relax and create at the same time, but I find it most rewarding for me, that’s why I decided to devote my time to promoting the values and benefits of knitting and crochet. This craft has so many positive qualities, and I only mentioned a few.

I have college degree in teaching, so I am glad to teach knitting and crochet to those, who are willing to study and practice those crafts. One or two classes will get you started with a craft, but you have to remember, like any other craft, you MUST practice to achieve good results. Never stop learning.
You do not have to be an experienced knitter to achieve great results, because most of modern yarns are so forgiving (because of their texture). Best way to make yourself practice more is to give your finished items away. The power of giving!!! That is my third favorite reason for knitting. You will be able to make a scarf in couple of hours, but your friend will cherish it forever (or at least for a couple of winters).

I also included my
Red Heart afghan 
into the collection of my patterns. I made this afghan with a group of friends I taught knitting. To make my students practice I suggested to do the afghan and donate to a non-profit organization which gives afghans to wounded soldiers. Try to make this afghan. It is very simple and will be an excellent gift or you can donate it to any organization of your choice.

The name of the organization which received that “Purple Heart” afghan is The Handmade Afghans to Thank Our Armed Forces Project, and their web site is They will also accept just 6x9 rectangles.

Another way of practicing knitting is to belong to a group. I am sure, if you search the internet you will find a lot of local groups who get together for knitting or crochet. That will inspire you to do more and more of knitting or crochet.

The reason for this website is to share my passion for knitting and crochet and let people know that there is a local store that carries good quality yarns from well known vendors like
Knitting FeverCascade Yarns, Plymouth Yarns
Berocco, Trendsetters Yarns, Bergere de France, Mountain Colors, Universal Yarn, FEZA Yarns, Tahki Stacy Charles, Inc and I am sure I will be adding a few more vendors with time.

I noticed a big difference in appearance of an item if I use good quality yarns. It looks and feels better. And since I am a firm believer than knitting is better that therapy: it is definitely still cheaper than therapy, even if you use expensive yarns.

Please stop by my store and I will try to help you find yarn for a new project or learn a craft of knitting or crochet.

I will try my best to update my web page often. I am working on additional page with “Tips for knitting and crochet.”
Happy knitting and crochet!